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We create WordPress websites for Small Businesses and Commerce. Affordable websites using industry standard software tools. For all businesses it is vital to have a website. Not just a good looking one, but with the ability to change it quickly and easily. Your web presence is important to the business and its continued growth.  

We design and highly customise your website using software called WordPress as a base and enhancing it using additional software to give you a near unique website.  All our websites are fully responsive, meaning that they display perfectly on mobile and tablets as well as PCs.     

Ongoing maintenance is a available which gives you peace of mind and regular updates happening. 


Listening to what you want, finding out the goals and target audience is key to understanding what you need. Once we understand we can plan.
Working closely with you to agree a design and layout, we design and highlycustomise your website to give you a near unique website. We only work locally, so face to face meetings are always good to get going full clarity. 



Once we have a plan, we agree a timeline laying out milestones, as other services may need to be integrated to the project. Once the agreed colours logo photographs etc has been agreed, we get on and code the site.   We keeping in touch at every stage.  We can even recommend a very good localprofessional photographer!



Once the coding process starts we ensure that the site is ready for search engine optimising. We make sure that it is visible to the search engines and as importantly secure and backed up regularly.  We will setup Google and other search engine accounts (assuming you don’t have any) along with the necessary website hosting services (if required)


Live Time

All set and ready to go. We will do final “pre-flight checks” to ensure that all isready to go. We will have checked the cross browser display and thesecurity as well as the backup.  After launch day we will monitor visits etc. Your investment is beginning to start making your business known on the web and to your new customers.

Below are a few websites we have created

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