Access your computers via RemotePC

RemotePC allows users to access and manage remote computers from anywhere, given that the computer being accessed has an active Internet connection and RemotePC application installed on it. 
By using RemotePC, users can invite their associates to collaborate, transfer files, print documents remotely and more.

Always-ON Remote Access

Configure your computer for remote access so that you can take control of the computer over the internet. One-Time Instant Access Allows your associates to access your computer one time by sharing a unique access ID and Key.
Platform Independent: 

Access your remote computer from a PC/Mac, even from iPhone/iPad or Android devices.


Authorised Partner

Get started with RemotePC and stay connected with your remote computers

Sign up for RemotePC account online at

Download, install and run RemotePC application on your computers.

Stay connected with your remote computers and work collaboratively with your partners by providing them with instant access.

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